Tipat Mazal /A Bit Of Luck – 1992     

Morocco in the 50’s. Jojo and his wife Garcia (a family of musicians), appearon Jewish events with their daughter Vivi. Jojo decide to move to Israel, but his wife who dreams of a big career run away with a rich merchant.  Jojo and his daughter Vivi move to Israel and has to deal with living in a”Ma’abara” and with Israel of the 50’s.

Director: Zeev Revach
Script: Hanan Peled, Zeev Revach
CinematographyYoav Kush
SoundtrackDov Zeltzer
ProducerYoram Globus, Boaz Davidson
ActorsYa’ackov Ben-Sira, Zahava Ben, Jacques Cohen, Chen Gueta,
Orly Ben-Garti, Dani Sperling, Yossi Keinan, Aryeh Moskona, Ze’ev
, Brie Simon

Film Trailer

Created by orlybg | 06 08 2017 | Acting

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