Sahkanim – 1995     

Life Behind The Scenes In The Israeli Theater Is Not All Its Cracked Up To Be As Can Be Seen In This Serious, Episodic Psychological Drama That Chronicles The Disillusionment Of Idealistic Young Actors Who Come To The Stage After Graduating From School. The Story Pays Attention To Both The Personal And Professional Obstacles Faced By These Young Players.

Director: Ron Ninio
Script: Hillel Mittelpunkt
CinematographyAvi Mussel
SoundtrackShmulik Neufeld
ProducerRiki Shelach NissimoffDavid Tour
Actors: Yael HadarAki Avni, Orly Ben Garti, Rami HeubergerSmuel SegalShirily DesheTali AtsmonAlyala Asherov


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