AWARDS: 1 Israeli Oscar – “Best Short Movie”

Ha-Bahur Shel Shuly/ Shuly’s Fiance – 1997     

In The Year 1977 Right At The Election Time With Chaos On The Streets Between The Right And The Left Wing Supporters, A Family Is Waiting For Shuly’s Fiancé To Come And Propose To Her. But Instead Of Him They’re Getting A Very Different Guest

Director: Doron Tsabari
Script: Dorit Rabinyan
CinematographyYoav Kosh
SoundtrackNurit Hirsch
ProducerAl Ahava TV & Film Productions
ActorsMarlen BajaliAryeh Elias, Orly Ben Garti, Itzik CohenUri GavrielOrly KatanDanny StegEsti Yerushalmi


Film Trailer

Created by orlybg | 09 08 2017 | Acting

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