The Upper Level – 2001

A drama about relationships between people working each with his own hidden motives. Beni, a man about 50yrs, arrived one night to the clubs and leisure area of the young people. The owners of one of the clubs, Sharon, Koby and Simon are busy counting the cash they made that night from entrance fees and selling drugs, suddenly they hear a gun shot and someone is lying on the floor. They escape to Sharon and Koby’s apartment, fear the police. Sharon is leaving the flat to check what is going on outside and takes a ride in Beni’s car. During the whole ride Sharon is trying to find out – whether Beni is a cop? A Story with surprising twists on lie and the truth, maturity and love.


Director: Shmuel Kalderon
Script: Shmuel Kalderon
SoundtrackAryeh Zonshine
ProducerShmuel Kalderon
ActorsShmuel Kalderon, Orly Ben Garti, Eyal Huber-Levi, Haim Elmakis, Moran Gonen, Rani Kaushinsky, Dana Yekel, Rita Shukrun

Film Trailer

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