Israeli Oscar Nomination As “Best Leading Actress”

Zur Hadasim – 1999  

A story about small fry crooks with big time plans and one dreamy girl, peaches sweet, who loves her boyfriend all the way to the moon and stars. The nurse at the clinic tells Eti that she is pregnant so to stop doubting the results and start planning. Meanwhile, boyfriend Shaul is out getting a new baby of his own-A sportscar. Shaul would like the pregnancy to “go away”. He meets a guy who can take care of things for him but during the planning, the problems of another couple, Edi and Ilana, derail the plans.
A high spirited film about two couples and the differences between hope and reality.

Director: Gidon Kolirin
Script: Eran Kolirin
CinematographyAmnon Salomon
SoundtrackIsrael David, John Purcell
ProducerDanny Ben Menahem, Udi Goralnik
ActorsDanny Steg, Orly Ben Garti, Albert Iluz, Dafna Rechter, Boris Svidansky


1999, Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel, Jerusalem
Prize: Wolgin Best Film Award
Group: Official Competition

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